Our clients secured an average 10.3% returns in 2023

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AED 200

Stake empowers investors from all over the world to digitally invest in prime real estate and build wealth through passive income.

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How to get your reward

1. Sign up to Stake

1. Sign up to Stake

Enter your email and follow the instructions to download our app

2. Complete Onboarding

2. Complete Onboarding

Complete onboarding by verifying your ID and Address on Stake

3. You’ll get AED 200

3. You’ll get AED 200

We’ll deposit the reward into your Stake wallet to invest with!

The best way to grow
your wealth brick by brick


Monthly rental income

Receive monthly rental payments into your Stake wallet and withdraw at any time.

Property appreciation

Your share of the property's value increases as the property's overall value increases.

Hassle-free ownership

We handle the entire sales process, screen tenants and manage the property for you.


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